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Automating Sample Digestion – AMiRA project P1196A

ColdBlock Technologies is proud to announce the continuation of AMiRA project P1196 under a new project titled P1196A. In this project ColdBlock Technlogies is seeking partners to bring automation to the innovative ColdBlock Digestion technology and to further build on the impressive results of AMiRA project P1196. The objective  of project P1196A is to expand


Understanding Metal Digestion

Metals are compounds that are relatively abundant in our environment. There are different types of metals that have been grouped together as our understanding of them has evolved over time. One such group are the heavy metals like lead and cadmium, which are considered toxic. An excess of heavy metals in the body typically arises

Using Digesters for Environmental Analysis

There are various logistical barriers to environmental analysis. Let us use sediments and soils as an example. Soil contamination is a complex issue with far-reaching implications for human and environmental health. It concerns the pollution of land by both organic and inorganic contaminants, which can be detected and quantified using various chemical techniques coupled with

What is ColdBlock Digestion?

ColdBlock™digestion is a revolutionary sample preparation technology that sets a new performance benchmark for digestion procedures. It is unique among acid digestion methods in that it employs both heating and cooling to deliver accurate and precise results without relying on potentially hazardous reagents. There are numerous benefits to this novel type of sample digestion technology,

How do Digesters Work?

Digestion is the process of breaking down substances into their basic constituents, typically by using reagents such as strong acids, alkalis, or enzymes. It causes the complex matrices of compounds to gradually decompose and separate into distinct elements of interest which can be further refined to be used as intermediate goods or purified for study.

What is Sample Digestion?

Understanding the elemental composition of sample materials can be difficult, if not impossible, without first converting them into a format that is compatible with specific modes of analysis. Optical Emissions Spectrometer and Mass Spectrometer systems, for example, can provide valuable insights into what elements are present in a myriad of different sample types; provided they

COLDBLOCK’S TECHNOLOGIES – Fast, safe and efficient sample digestion method

Headquartered in St. Catharines, Ontario, ColdBlock Technologies Inc. was founded in 2014 to develop their sample digestion technology initially for the mining industry. ColdBlock™ Digestion is an alternative to conventional technologies used by laboratories to determine precious and base metal concentrations in samples from their mining operations. ColdBlock™ Digestion is the only digestion technology that

ColdBlock unveils new digestion technology for mining industry

Canada -based ColdBlock Technologies has launched a new ColdBlock Laboratory Sample Digestion Technology for the mining industry, which uses focused short-wave infrared radiation to energise sample particles primarily. The technology, which is claimed to offer a new alternative to mining operations to achieve productivity gains, dissolves solid matter into a solution for instrumental multi-element analysis. ColdBlock’s