Coldblock technology brings speed, safety, and simplicity to your sample digestion process, with the accuracy and precision you require.

Expect reliable, repeatable results across many industries & sample types - metals, mining, food, agriculture and environmental.

Introducing the ColdBlock Pro Series

The ColdBlock Pro Series is our 3rd generation digester, incorporating years of experience and customer feedback. These new units deliver all the existing benefits of ColdBlock digestion:

  • significantly faster digestion cycle times – typically < 20min,
  • a simple, easy to operate unit that consistently delivers accurate results,
  • low maintenance requirements with no moving parts; easy to clean,
  • all resulting in lower operating costs and increased lab throughput.

The ColdBlock Pro Series also features:

  • Three different size options that allow you to pick the digester best suited for the sample sizes processed in your lab,
  • Improved QA/QC compliance with a single lamp per digester, which lasts 4000 hours, never fades/dims, and reduces maintenance costs,
  • Better scalability, with potential to connect up to 4 digesters to the same controller, digesting up to 80 samples in a single run with a 4xCBS system,
  • Easier operation with a fully software-based control program. The digester can now be run from a desktop, laptop, or tablet/iPad. Create, save, and re-use multi-step digestion programs. Digestion activities are automatically logged.

ColdBlock Digestion Technology

ColdBlock™ is setting the new standard for sample digestion. It is the first and only sample digestion technology that uses focused short-wave infrared heating and a cooling zone to dissolve solid sample matter into solution for multi-element analysis.

A superior alternative to conventional technologies, ColdBlock digestions are completed in minutes, with better safety and simplicity, and the same accuracy & precision.


With ColdBlock Technology, digestions range anywhere between 10-30 minutes, making it much faster than microwave and hot Block.


Easy integration into any wet-chem laboratory. Simple to scale up and automate.


Superior safety as the need for hazardous reagents (such as Perchloric and Hydrofluroric acid) is lesser compared to traditional methods and is a safer method for the environment with less waste used in the digestion process.


Customers reported report 50% less all-in cost per sample compared to fire assay and a 10-30% reduction compared to hot block and microwave sample digestion methods.

What would a reduction in digestion time from hours to minutes do for your lab workflow?

Digestions using
ColdBlock Technology
have an average cycle time
of 10-30 minutes,
much quicker than
other traditional methods
such as microwave
and hot block.