Coldblock technology brings speed, safety, and simplicity to your sample digestion process, with the accuracy and precision you require.

Expect reliable, repeatable results across many industries & sample types - metals, mining, food, agriculture and environmental.

ColdBlock Digestion Technology

ColdBlock™ is setting the new standard for sample digestion. It is the first and only sample digestion technology that uses focused short-wave infrared heating and a cooling zone to dissolve solid sample matter into solution for multi-element analysis.

A superior alternative to conventional technologies, ColdBlock digestions are completed in minutes, with better safety and simplicity, and the same accuracy & precision.

With ColdBlock Technology, digestions range anywhere between 10-30 minutes, making it much faster than microwave and hot Block.

Easy integration into any wet-chem laboratory. Simple to scale up and automate.

Superior safety as the need for hazardous reagents (such as Perchloric and Hydrofluroric acid) is lesser compared to traditional methods and is a safer method for the environment with less waste used in the digestion process.

Customers reported report 50% less all-in cost per sample compared to fire assay and a 10-30% reduction compared to hot block and microwave sample digestion methods.

What would a reduction in digestion time from
hours to minutes do for your lab workflow?

Digestions using ColdBlock Technology have an average cycle time of 10-30 minutes, much quicker than other traditional methods such as microwave and hot block.