ColdBlock’s innovative technology is used in mining labs around the world – setting  a New Standard for Sample Digestion!

Our digestion technology is the first and only sample digestion technology that utilizes focused short-wave infrared heating and a cooling zone to dissolve solid sample matter into solution for multi-element analysis.


What would a reduction in digestion time from hours to minutes do for your lab workflow and productivity?

Digestions using ColdBlock Technology have an average cycle time of 10-40 minutes, significantly faster than microwave (75-90 minutes) or hot plate (90-240 minutes)


Setting up the ColdBlock system is easy – can be completed by a single person in less than 30 minutes.

No moving parts, minimal maintenance (<5min/week), simple software controls with the ability save and reuse multiple digestion methods. Easy integration into any wet-chem laboratory.


ColdBlock eliminates the need for hazardous perchloric acid.

Safe open-air operation within the vent hood (no pressurization), with a cooling zone that allows for safer handling of test tubes.


Shorter digestion = faster throughput and shorter turn-around time, leading to significant increase in lab productivity.

Customers report a 10-30% reduction in all-in costs compared to hot block and microwave sample digestion methods.

A superior alternative to conventional
digestion technologies

Find out how ColdBlock digestion technology can increase your lab’s productivity – saving time and money.

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