ColdBlock Technologies offers a suite of products to suit your sample digestion needs. Built with the modern laboratory setting in mind, the modular design of the 12 and 15 channel units allow you to customize your sample digestion process depending on the required throughput.

Product Features and Accessories:

• Upper cooling block

• Lower heating chamber

• Anodized aluminum housing

• Electronic control box

• Test tubes and racks

• Modular design

• Small and large sample size applications

• CSA Inspected

Technical Requirements:

• Single phase 240V/30A/60Hz electrical supply

• Fume hood or comparable ventilation system throughput

ColdBlock™ Digestion shortens sample preparation time, accelerates sample throughput and achieves productivity gains more safely than current methods:

• Shortens sample preparation time to minutes

• Unmatched sample throughput and productivity

• Reduces environmental impact

• Higher occupational safety

• Accelerates decision-making

CB6L: The original ColdBlock digester

The 6-channel ColdBlock™ Digestor was the first model ColdBlock™ Technologies developed. It can be used for a variety of applications with sample sizes ranging from 0.2 grams* up to 30 grams.** Rapid digestions can be run with high accuracy and precision. This model is ideal for academic and small sample run applications. Multiple 6-channel units can be placed in series to create up to an 18-channel workstation that can be augmented with an automated acid dispenser.

6-Channel Unit

Product Details

  1. Lower chamber. The lower chamber houses the shortwave IR lamps that directly heat the sample particles.
  2. Upper chamber. The upper chamber is where condensation occurs, helping augment sample recoveries.
  3. 6 Channels capable of running small (up to 2 grams)* and large (up to 30-50 grams)** samples in 250 mL tubes.
  4. Constructed of sturdy, anodized aluminum with the rigors of the laboratory environment in mind.

Additional Product Details

  1. CSA inspected electrical components.
  2. Controller allows the operator to create programs specific to unique applications and needs.
  3. Reduction/elimination of the requirement for harmful reagents, such as hydrofluoric and perchloric acid, and lead for mining applications.
  4. Fume hood or comparable ventilation system.

Technical Specifications/Requirements

  1. Single phase 240V/30A/60Hz electrical supply..
  2. Dimensions: 40cm height/ 35cm width/ 36 cm length.
  3. Fume hood or comparable ventilation system.
* 0.2-2 grams validated in-house. Lower sample size possible depending on analytical equipment ** 5-30 grams validated in-house. Higher sample sizes are possible.