What is ColdBlock Digestion?

ColdBlock™digestion is a revolutionary sample preparation technology that sets a new performance benchmark for digestion procedures. It is unique among acid digestion methods in that it employs both heating and cooling to deliver accurate and precise results without relying on potentially hazardous reagents. There are numerous benefits to this novel type of sample digestion technology, from dramatically decreased sample preparation times to greater throughput and productivity.

This article aims to explore ColdBlock™ digestion in more depth, with a focus on how it works, the benefits, and some of the application areas where ColdBlock™digesters are already delivering exceptional results.

How Does ColdBlock™ Digestion Work?

The ColdBlock™digester is the first sample digestion technology to use focused short-wave infrared (FSWIR) lamps as a heat source and a cooling block to create a cooling zone. Unlike traditional sample digestion methods – which involves the addition of strong acids to facilitate the decomposition of sample matrices –  ColdBlock™ digestions FSWIR heat source allows common aqua regia to be used almost universally. The FSWIR is combined with the cooling block to promote a condensation effect that minimizes loss of material and leads to reduction in overall reagent needs.

To use bronze, an application note available on www.coldblock.ca, as an example: A sample of 0.25 grams mixed with 20 millilitres of aqua regia can be completely decomposed in around ten minutes using a ColdBlock™digester, in which demonstrates the technologies unparalleled digestion efficiency.

Benefits of ColdBlock™Digestion

ColdBlock™digestion is an extremely versatile technique that shortens the traditionally lengthy digestion process to mere minutes. This speed of processing is also coupled with unmatched reliability, with ColdBlock™digesters consistently demonstrating outstanding accuracy and precision across a range of sample types. Conventional acid digestion methods are associated with laborious and time-consuming sample preparation processes, notwithstanding the handling of potentially dangerous reagents that demand additional occupational health and safety considerations. ColdBlock™digestion sidesteps these issues, providing a value-added solution for the modern-day lab technician.

Applications of ColdBlock™Digestion

ColdBlockTM digestion is already routinely employed as a cost-effective sample preparation technique for elemental analysis . The core base of application areas is constantly expanding. These include:

  • Environmental
  • Food and agriculture
  • Mining
  • Metals and alloys
  • Pharma

If you are interested in improving your sample prep workflow with a ColdBlock™digester, why not contact a member of the team today? We would be happy to discuss the modular solutions available and to suggest specific instruments that suit your needs.