Wet Chemistry Laboratory Digesters

Most analytical laboratories analyse a wide range of samples. The samples are received and go through a chain of custody where each step prepares them for analysis. One of the main ways to prepare a sample for analysis is that of wet chemistry. During this step, a sample is dissolved in a liquid which allows it to be analysed on one of the many analytical instruments available.

Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES) and ICP mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) are two mainstay technologies used to perform analysis, providing extremely high resolution and sensitivity when reading almost any element on the periodic table.

With the notable exception of laser ablation systems, all ICP instruments require samples to be completely dissolved into a solution for analytical purposes. Hence the need for laboratory digesters which achieve this quickly and efficiently.

Wet Chemistry Laboratory Digesters from ColdBlockTM

Central to the sample analysis workflow, laboratory digesters usually use reagents to break samples down into a solution. Many laboratory digesters work by heating the samples which speeds up the digestion process. Unlike microwave or Hotblock, ColdBlockTM digesters use a unique approach to increase throughput at a reduced cost but still lead to results with outstanding accuracy and reproducibility. Our proprietary sample digestion technology is based on a unique dual heating and cooling system which both accelerates digestion and maximises sample retention. The heating chamber operates on focussed short-wave infrared (DSWIR) excitation which heats the sample directly. This rapidly decomposes the sample matrices and creates workflows which require a fraction of the overall time taken by microwave or Hotblock assisted digestions.

Our laboratory digesters are compatible with any standard wet chemistry fume hood and ventilation system, meaning they can be safely operated in most labs without the need for additional investment.

The ColdBlockTM CB12L is the ideal laboratory digester for instrumental wet chemistry given its large sample size compatibility, supporting high throughput sample preparations. Interested in learning the full specifications of our ColdBlockTM CB12L laboratory digester? Contact a member of the team today. We would be happy to provide you with detailed insights into the applicability of our systems, and what makes them a better digestion technology than other competing systems.