AMiRA Project P1196

ColdBlock Technologies partnered with AMiRA Global and demonstrated how ColdBlock™ Digestion delivered a solution that offered laboratories higher efficiency and productivity, improved work-place safety, a positive environmental impact, combined with a Return On Investment.

The AMIRA P1196 project was divided into 2 phases.  Phase 1 was to validate the 24 Channel Workstation on gold samples and phase 2 was to validate the 30 Channel Workstation on base metal samples. Both phases looked to show the speed, accuracy, reproducibility, safety and ease of use of ColdBlock Digestion.  The overall objective of the project was to demonstrate that the ColdBlock™ Digestion Technology was capable of displacing Fire Assay as the go-to method for gold analysis, and as a more time-effective alternative to traditional digestion methods for base metal analysis.

The results obtained for phase 1 of the project suggested that ColdBlock Digestion Technology and fire assay delivered similar results with the data showing good correlation between the 2 methods.  The same observation was true for the base metal samples with good correlations obtained between traditional digestion methods and ColdBlock Digestion. 

These positive outcomes were further supported by the results of a comprehensive Return on Investment study.