How do I decide what system is right for my application?

ColdBlock Technologies offers two product lines. A CB12L system suited for large sample sizes up to 30 g, and a CB15S system suited for small sample sizes up to 5 g.

What kind of warranty do you have on your systems?

ColdBlock Technologies offers a 1-year warranty on parts.

What kind of infrastructure (fume-hood, power, etc.) is required to use your technology?

ColdBlock Digestion products must be placed in a fume hood or comparable ventilation system.

ColdBlock Digestion products require a single phase 230-240VAC/30A and 50/60 Hz electrical supply.

What are your test tubes made of and how long do they last?

ColdBlock Technologies supplies test tubes made from borosilicate glass; test tubes made from quartz glass can be made available upon request.

Glass test tubes are environmentally friendly and can be reused hundreds, if not thousands of times.

Will automation products be made available using ColdBlock Digestion technology?

ColdBlock Technologies is currently working on developing automation featuring ColdBlock Digestion technology that will be made available in the late 2020.

How long do the IR lamps last?

Each IR lamp is rated to stay on for 5000 hours.

What is the purpose of the chiller?

A chiller allows ColdBlock Digestion to reach consistently low temperatures to facilitate the condensation effect. This effect minimizes the escape of vapors created by the digestion process.

How is the installation of ColdBlock Digestion products managed?

ColdBlock Digestion products are simple and easy to install. The installation can be managed by the purchaser, a sales agent or distributor representative, or a ColdBlock representative.