How long is the average digestion using ColdBlock Pro?

The combination of short-wave infrared heating and a cooling zone allows for digestion in 10-30 minutes on average for many sample types. Click here to see application notes on a wide variety of samples.

What comes with a standard ColdBlock Pro Digestion System?

1 controller, 1 digester (with the option to scale up to 4 digesters per controller), 2 sets of test tubes (per digester), 2 test tube racks (per digester), 2 test tube transfer trays (per digester), and chiller hose. ColdBlock is also able to supply the chiller if required.

How many digesters can be operated from a single controller?

Up to 4 digesters can be operated using a single controller. 3 and 4 digester configurations require a dedicated 50A circuit.

What kind of test tubes can be used with the ColdBlock Pro system?

50 mL, 100 mL, and 200 mL are available in borosilicate, and can also be ordered in quartz. Test tube liners are also available to accommodate digestion using hydrofluoric acid.

What sample size can the ColdBlock Pro Digestion system accommodate?

  • Pro Series CBS – up to 1g
  • Pro Series CBM – up to 5g
  • Pro Series CBL – up to 30g

What are the maintenance requirements for a ColdBlock Pro Digestion System?

Maintenance is limited to occasional cleaning with a damp cloth or paper towel. Any spills should be cleaned immediately. ColdBlock digesters are robust, corrosion resistant, and require minimal maintenance.

How long will the lamps in a ColdBlock Pro digester last?

The lamps are rated for 3,000-5,000 hours and will last for several years of service assuming 8-hour days. These lamps do not dim or fade and will simply burn out at end of life. All customers receive 1 extra lamp per digester purchased.

Can I get replacement lamps or test tubes?

Replacement lamps and test tubes are readily available. Simply contact us for any extra accessories you require.

What is the warranty on ColdBlock Digestion systems?

ColdBlock Digestion Systems come with a 1-year parts and maintenance warranty.

Is the ColdBlock Digestion complicated to set up?

Setting up the ColdBlock system is easy and can be done by a single person in less than 30 minutes.

What support is available?

The ColdBlock laboratory and technical teams are available to assist with any issues or questions you may have. From development of new methods or optimization of your existing digestion methods, to simple lamp replacement or maintenance questions, we are committed to ensuring that our customers get the most from their ColdBlock Digestion Systems.

How much space does the ColdBlock Pro Digestion System occupy in the lab?

Single Digester: 9.25 W x 22 L x 12.75 H; 35lbs. Installed within a standard vent hood.

Controller: 8 W x 24 L x 24 H ; 40 lbs. Installed outside vent hood on floor or lab bench. Connections to power supply, and control cable to the digester.

Standard Lab Chiller: 15 W x 26 L x 21.8 H; ~150lbs. Installed on the lab floor within 10 feet of the vent hood. Connections to power, and coolant hoses to the digester.

What are the power and ventilation requirements?

Requires a single-phase connection to 30A (for two digesters) or 50A (for four digesters), 208-240V circuit with NEMA L6-30 outlet.

The fume hood should have a draw of at least 400 cu ft./min (0.03 m3/min).

What are the chiller requirements?

  • Min. cooling temperature -10 C
  • 1200 W cooling capacity at 20 C
  • Min. reservoir volume 1 gal/3.8 L
  • Min. lift or head 15 ft/5 m