Metal Digestion

Metals analysis constitutes a large portion of the analytical services market. To determine metal quantities from various sample matrices, chemists utilize a variety of analytical techniques which all rely on digestion to prepare the sample for analysis. Standard ICP-MS or ICP-OES analysis requires precise and reproducible sample digestion to detect all manner of metals down to the parts per trillion (ppt) range. The need for reproducible accuracy at both high and low levels is necessary for an array of critical applications in commercial and regulatory environments. This analysis often affects the decisions made in earth exploration and mining, environmental impact, or quality assurance workflows in food and pharmaceutical production.

Metal digestion specifically refers to the methods with which samples are first treated to isolate metals of interest from a wide range of sample matrices. At ColdBlock Technologies, we have developed an efficient and cost-effective alternative to conventional acid digesters, pioneering new levels of digestion quality across the full spectrum of metal digestion applications.

Digesters for Environmental Analysis

The ColdBlockTM digestion concept was developed with a wide variety of applications in mind. Researchers carrying out metal analysis of minerals and metals are usually faced with a trade-off between cost and quality when it comes to specific type of applications, such as trace metal detection. We developed a unique system designed to accelerate metal digestion irrespective of matrix type, without compromising accuracy or precision. Already, ColdBlockTM systems have revolutionised metal digestion workflows in mining and commercial laboratories across the globe.

Refer to our application notes for insights into specific sample preparation protocols for specific metal digestion processes. Or, contact a member of the team today if you have any questions.