Environmental Analysis

Evaluating the condition of any ecosystem or contaminated site is a complex, cross-disciplinary task – but analytical chemistry is at the heart of modern environmental analysis. Researchers routinely deploy advanced chemical methods to detect, quantify, and study pollutants in environmental samples. These samples can range from contaminated soils to sewage sludge. Accurately screening for specific analytes demands a precision sample preparation method capable of rendering a homogeneous sample that is chemically relevant.

At ColdBlock Technologies, we aim to support researchers conducting chemical environmental analysis with a pioneering sample digestion technology. Our infra-red powered sample digesters guarantee efficient contaminant extractions at a fraction of the time taken by comparative acid digesters.

Digesters for Environmental Analysis

ColdBlock™ digesters are ideal to prepare samples for a wide range of environmental analysis objectives, from detecting trace metals and metallic contaminants in soils to sewage screening. They yield the greatest rates of analyte recovery due to their focussed short-wave infrared (FSWIR) heat source and an integrated cooling zone. Even the toughest sample matrices are rapidly broken down and vapours are quickly condensed to create a dual-action heating and cooling effect that guarantees maximum analyte retention. This is critical for environmental analysis sample digestion workflows.

Refer to our application notes for some insights into the applicability of ColdBlock™ digesters in environmental analysis. Or, contact a member of the team today with any questions.