Cosmetics Analysis

Quality control of cosmetic ingredients is critical in ensuring safety and labelling requirements of an assortment of end-products. Although heavily segmented, the global beauty and cosmetics industry has grown to an estimated market value north of $600 billion. This rapid growth is tempered by strict regulations designed to mitigate personal safety concerns by mandating a certain level of testing, or clear labelling of untested products. Hence the need for efficient QC protocols when screening incoming raw materials, or as part of overall cosmetics analysis.

At ColdBlock Technologies, we have developed a pioneering sample digestion technology suitable for accelerating your raw-material screening process without inhibiting the quality of your cosmetics analysis workflow. Carry out routine digestions of cosmetic ingredients in just minutes with maximum analyte retention. Our digesters can also be used for quality assurance of cosmetics and personal care products.


Digesters for Cosmetics Analysis

ColdBlockTM digesters have already been deployed in an array of cosmetics screening applications; primarily validating mineral content such as the concentration of titanium or zinc in foundation, moisturizers, or sunscreens. Stricter government oversight in the cosmetics industry, especially on ingredient labelling and safety protocols, requires accurate and reproducible sample digestions. This demands a multi-faceted approach to QA/QC, with typical tests encompassing composition analysis, rheological assessments, sensory evaluations, and so on.

A truly next-generation sample digester can enhance process efficiency and inform faster critical operating decisions. Contact a member of the team today with any questions about our cosmetics analysis applications.