Agricultural Analysis

Large-scale commercial operations and small farms alike face a number of challenges maintaining secure and sustainable food production. Analysis of agricultural practices using techniques such as chemical characterisation of phosphates and sulphate fertilizers via ICP-MS can help farmers deploy calculated and sustainable strategies to feed the world.

Soil, crop, and water analyses can be used to better utilize existing agricultural processes and characterise novel fertilizers and pest control to and maximise yields and to decrease costs and wastage. Analytical techniques such as elemental and metal analysis with ICP-OES and ICP-MS are tools which have ushered in a new age of smart farming.

At ColdBlock Technologies, we can help researchers carrying out agricultural analysis with a new sample digestion platform designed for cost-critical applications.

Digesters for Agricultural Analysis

ColdBlockTM digesters excel in agricultural analysis applications due to their ability to quickly prepare samples which when analysed with analytical techniques such as ICP-OES or ICP-MS generate results that are accurate and precise. Using focussed short-wave infrared (FSWIR) with the dual heating-cooling zone technology, ColdBlockTM systems can rapidly (in a matter of minutes) break down both inorganic and organic sample matrices with a greater occupational safety than other acid digestion methods. Soils, complex artificial fertilizers, and hardy organic samples alike are rapidly broken down in the fast-acting FSWIR heating zone, while vapours are minimised through the cooling zone via condensation, promoting maximum sample retention and shorter timeframes than ever.

Refer to our application notes for insights into how ColdBlockTM digesters have been deployed for agricultural soil digestion as well as fertilizer and good analysis. Or, contact a member of the team today if you have any questions.