ColdBlock Digesters: Innovative Sample Preparation Technology

Digesters are instruments used to aid a chemist in sample preparation. They work by assisting in the decomposition of a solid sample into a liquid state to prepare them for various methods of analysis. Traditional digesters use varying forms of conductive/convective heat and strong acids, alkalis, or enzymes to achieve this. The combination of sample and reagent are heated together to boiling point to speed up the process.

ColdBlock Digesters

ColdBlock™ digestion is a groundbreaking sample preparation technology, setting a new industry standard for digestion procedures. ColdBlock digesters are unique as they heat the sample directly making the decomposition process more complete to gain accurate and precise results without the need to rely on hazardous reagents. Not only do digesters from ColdBlock increase throughput and productivity, but they also decrease sample preparation times substantially.

The ColdBlock™ digester is the first sample digester which uses focused shortwave infrared (FSWIR) lamps for a heat source combined with a cooling block to create a cooling zone. The FSWIR heat source in the ColdBlock™ digester heats sample particles directly which permits common aqua regia to be used almost universally. When combined with the FSWIR, the cooling block creates a condensation effect which lessens the overall loss of material and yields a reduction in general reagent needs.

Benefits of the ColdBlock Digester

The digester from ColdBlock is an adaptable, versatile technique of sample preparation which reduces the standard lengthy digestion workflow significantly. The digester is also exceptionally reliable, consistently showing outstanding precision and accuracy throughout a broad variety of sample types.

Typical acid digestion techniques result in an extremely time-consuming sample preparation process which means that often dangerous reagents need to be handled, with considerable health and safety implications to speed them up. Using the ColdBlock digester offers a solution which simplifies the workflow and increases safety and for modern lab technicians.

Digester Types from ColdBlock

The ColdBlock digester has been created to be well-suited to modern laboratory settings. The modular design of the 12 or 15 channel units means the sample digestion process can be customized depending on the necessary throughput.

The CB15S digester is well-suited to sample preparation of smaller sizes, up to 2 g. This digester has 15 available positions, an upper cooling zone, a lower heating chamber and electronic control box. Additionally, two digesters (up to 30 channels) can be operated from just one control box. This digester can operate safely in all standard wet chemistry laboratory fume hoods.

For larger sample preparations, of up to 30g, the CB12L digester from ColdBlock is ideal. It has 12 positions, an upper cooling zone, a lower heating chamber, an electronic control box, and a similar modular design with the capacity to operate two digesters (24 channels) from just one control box simultaneously.

At ColdBlock, our R&D laboratory works collaboratively with industries which require sample digestion. We work together with our customers to test our digesters and best suit their industry needs. Our technology is highly applicable, delivering precise results across many industries such as mining, metals and alloys, environmental, food and agriculture industries. If you would like to find out more about our digesters, contact us today.