COLDBLOCK’S TECHNOLOGIES – Fast, safe and efficient sample digestion method

Headquartered in St. Catharines, Ontario, ColdBlock Technologies Inc. was founded in 2014 to develop their sample digestion technology initially for the mining industry. ColdBlock™ Digestion is an alternative to conventional technologies used by laboratories to determine precious and base metal concentrations in samples from their mining operations.

ColdBlock™ Digestion is the only digestion technology that uses focused short-wave infrared radiation and a cooling block to dissolve ore samples. Unlike fire assay which can take several hours, ColdBlockTM Digestion can process largesize sample material in minutes and eliminate the hazards associated with
lead-containing flux. For base metal applications, samples are digested in minutes with a reduced requirement for hazardous reagents (such as perchloric and hydrofluoric acid) in the digestion process.

Recently, ColdBlock Technologies collaborated with AMIRA International, Newcrest, Freeport McMoRan, Newgold, Centerra Gold and SGS to validate the technology in the real wold. The results are expected to be unveiled in the fall of 2019. Nick Kuryluk, Chief Executive Officer of ColdBlock Technologies, explains that ColdBlockTM Digestion technology delivers a compelling ROI to laboratories who are seeking higher efficiencies and productivity.
Benefits of the ColdBlock Digestion System:
• Very rapid digestions (Minutes)
• High accuracy and reproducibility
• Cost-efficiency
• Reduced environmental impact
• Improved occupational safety

Today, ColdBlock Technologies provides countertop units to the global market that are capable of processing both small and large sample sizes. The company says the units are easily installed and simply require a single phase 240V/30A/60Hz electrical supply and a ventilation system.

The ColdBlock™ Digestion system can be used in several ways: by companies with onsite laboratories to continuously measure metal concentrations in samples from their mining operations and by commercial laboratories to make their lab services more efficient and cost-effective.

Another possibility, which would be of great benefit to explorers, is the potential to use the ColdBlock™ Digestion system to analyze drill core samples at drill sites on remote exploration projects. Results can be had in minutes rather than the weeks it can take to receive results from samples shipped to labs. Drilling decisions can be made on the spot shortening the drilling process by weeks and saving the company costs for not only the fire assays but the cost of flying heavy core boxes off site for processing. ColdBlock Technologies supports clients through its Research and Development Lab where they provide online and in-person support to current and prospective clients.