ColdBlock unveils new digestion technology for mining industry

Canada -based ColdBlock Technologies has launched a new ColdBlock Laboratory Sample Digestion Technology for the mining industry, which uses focused short-wave infrared radiation to energise sample particles primarily. The technology, which is claimed to offer a new alternative to mining operations to achieve productivity gains, dissolves solid matter into a solution for instrumental multi-element analysis. ColdBlock’s digestion technology will generate high heat using infrared emitters, which is absorbed by the sample particles directly.

It delivers fast digestion rates of between ten and 15 minutes with better recovery of elements across an array of metals including chromium ore. According to the company, the technology will have a positive impact on workplace safety and the environment as it cuts the amount of acid required for the digestion process and removes harmful reagents such as perchloric acid. The company partnered with Brock University Professor of Chemistry Dr Ian Brindle to validate the technology and develop new chemistries for sample preparation. Brindle said: Coupled with the elimination of perchloric acid, and the overall reduction in the volume of acids needed, makes ColdBlock a greener and safer technology. It was also designed for automation to benefit mining operations and laboratories by reducing sample preparation time and accelerating sample throughput. ColdBlock Technologies CEO Nick Kuryluk said: Today’s release of ColdBlock Digestion marks the first step in our company’s global launch. We aspire to become a leading sample digestion technology for the mining industry and look to expand into the environmental and other industries in the near future. ColdBlock with research partner Brock University unveiled the new ColdBlock Laboratory Sample Digestion Technology at Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) 2015.