Automating Sample Digestion – AMiRA project P1196A

ColdBlock Technologies is proud to announce the continuation of AMiRA project P1196 under a new project titled P1196A. In this project ColdBlock Technologies ( is partnering with Nucomat ( to incorporate improved automation of ColdBlock digestion. Working together with our automation partner Nucomat, the objective of project P1196A is to quantify incremental improvements in sample throughput, operating costs, and

COLDBLOCK TECHNOLOGIES Raises $1.5 Million To Develop Generation 3 System With Automation & Expand International Distribution

Canadian startup, ColdBlock Technologies Inc. (ColdBlock), inventor of the innovative sample digestion technology that delivers a new performance standard for laboratories serving the environmental, metals and alloys, mining, food and agriculture, and pharmaceuticals industries, today announced it has completed a $1.5 million Series A round of financing. ColdBlock’s financing results from investments by the Province

ColdBlock Global Distribution

COLDBLOCK TECHNOLOGIES INKS GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION AND SALES PARTNERSHIPS Four Partners Also Expand Industry ReachBeyond Mining to Metals and Alloys, Food and Agriculture, and PharmaceuticalsLaboratories Toronto (June 6, 2018)–ColdBlock Technologies Inc. (ColdBlock), today announced four new strategic sales partnerships to meet market demand for its innovative laboratory digestion technology in North America, Europe, Asia/South-East Asia, India,