Automating Sample Digestion – AMiRA project P1196A

ColdBlock Technologies is proud to announce the continuation of AMiRA project P1196 under a new project titled P1196A. In this project ColdBlock Technologies ( is partnering with Nucomat ( to incorporate improved automation of ColdBlock digestion.

Working together with our automation partner Nucomat, the objective of project P1196A is to quantify incremental improvements in sample throughput, operating costs, and safety factors resulting from automation of acid dispensing, built-in ventilation, and improved programmability of ColdBlock operation.

The new Compact Sample Preparation Unit (CSPU) will allow for the automated dispensing of up to 4 acids in a 24-sample digester with sample size of up to 30g per sample.  

In summary the project P1196A looks to build on the benefits that were demonstrated in project P1196 through: 

  1. Substantial throughput improvement and cost reduction in sample preparation. 
  1. Elevated workplace safety by reducing handling of harmful reagents. 
  1. Elevated productivity and efficiency through automation of reagent addition. 

To find out more about Project P1196 and its impressive results Click Here 

Interested? – To download the official Expression of Interest for AMiRA P1196A Click Here

(Updated August 4, 2021)