ColdBlock infrared Sample Digesters

ColdBlock Technologies Inc (2014) delivers short-wave infrared sample digestion technology to prepare samples for analysis faster, with greater accuracy and improved safety. ColdBlock’s proven technology is available in multiple platforms that can be incorporated into virtually any standard wet-chem laboratory setting. ColdBlock sample digesters can be scaled up and used in multiple configurations to prepare samples much quicker and more cost-effectively than traditional methods.

Mission & Vision

Offer an unrivaled solution in optimizing laboratory efficiency, productivity and safety.

Our Expertise

We believe that collaboration strengthens our organization and allows us to bring the best value to our customers and academic partners. Our science-minded philosophy allows for the design of safe and effective products that will disrupt the way our customers think about sample preparation and see what is possible. Through our testing and demonstration laboratory we work with clients to develop digestion methods and reporting for their specific needs.

Industries that use ColdBlock microwave Sample Digesters


Mining & Metals




Call us today to find out how we can put ColdBlock Digestion products to work in your lab. Through our R&D laboratory we work with industries requiring sample digestion to develop methods and testing to use with our digesters to best suit their needs. Our flexible and adaptable sample digestion technology delivers accurate and precise results across a number of industry segments including: mining, metals and alloys, environmental, food and agriculture industries.