Application of ColdBlock™ Digestion for Gold Assay and Base Metal Determination

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Sponsors of this project will get discounted and timely access to a highly awarded and innovative technology that could revolutionize analytical techniques used in the mining industry to quantify gold and base metal levels in mineral samples.  ColdBlock™ Digestion is a novel sample digestion technology that dissolves geological rock samples into solution for multi-elemental analysis. The technology solves major problems associated with current sample digestion methods for gold and base metals. Current methods are inefficient, labor intensive, have safety concerns with the use of dangerous reagents, create environmental hazards and are costly to operate. ColdBlock™ Digestion delivers a solution to these problems and offers laboratories an alternative that brings higher efficiency and productivity gains, improved work-place safety and a positive environmental impact.
The project will be done in two phases and sponsors can enroll in one or both phases of the project.

Phase 1 – Large Sample Size Gold
The CB12L digestor
Phase 1 will validate the 24-Channel Gold Workstation (2x12CBL) for speed, accuracy, reproducibility, safety (by eliminating lead contamination), elimination of lead waste, and ease-of-use. The objective is to demonstrate that the system delivers analytical results comparable to fire assay, whilst operating at a fraction of the cost compared to fire assay.  

Phase 2 (P2) – Small Sample Size Base Metals
30-Channel unitThe CB30s digestor
Phase 2 will validate the 30-Channel Base Metal System for speed, accuracy, reproducibility, safety (by eliminating the need to use perchloric acid and hydrofluoric acid) and ease-of-use. The objective is to demonstrate exceptional recoveries of elements with unmatched efficiency and productivity vs. current methods such as hot block and microwave systems.  

Why Support This Project?
  • Access to faster sample digestion method (minutes compared to hours)
  • Safer sample digestion methods by eliminating use of dangerous reagents.
  • Digestion process for Au operates at a fraction of cost compared to Fire Assay. Phase One will also investigate most efficient approach for final measurement methods on the digested solution for Au including; 1) Direct ICPMS measurement of the solution, 2) DIBK extraction Flame AAS, 3) DIBK extraction N2 ICPAES and 4) DIBK extraction ICPOES
  • ColdBlock and AMIRA International have commenced discussion to lay the groundwork for a third phase (Rock-To-Analysis Project For Exploration) based on the successful completion of phases one and two. Participants in phase 1 or 2 will have the first right of refusal to participate in phase 3.

Phase 3 – Future Rock-to-Analysis Project for Exploration
The goal of phase three is to automate the system for on-sight application to deliver the highest level of efficiency for exploration projects. The benefits of the automated rock-to-analysis system is to generate accurate, near real-time, analytical capability at the drill rig site compared to currently available technology and methods. Rapid and accurate on-sight analysis will shorten the time to define an ore body and to prepare an operating plant for a new ore type.

Timelines and Contact
Project workflow is for phase 1 is expected to commences in late September 2017.  Sponsorship enrollment for phase 1 closes end of October 2017. Please contact Terry Braden or Nick Kuryluk for more information on the project and becoming a sponsor.  A detailed project plan will be sent to all interested parties.