Research and Development Projects


AMIRA International

AMIRA P1196 Application of ColdBlock™ Digestion for Gold Assay and Base Metal Determination

A collaborative project with AMIRA, SGS, and Queen’s University, which allows sponsors to get discounted and timely access to the highly awarded and innovative ColdBlock™ technology that could revolutionize analytical techniques used in the mining industry to quantify gold and base metal levels in mineral samples. For more information on the ColdBlock project: click here

Industrial Research Assistance Program

NRC-IRAP Extension – Design and Validation of a large sample size 12 channel digester and a 30 channel small sample digester

This project will assist in offsetting the financial risk involved in the R&D of two new product lines: the 12 channel large sample digester (CB12L) and the 30 channel small sample digester (CB30S). Project is set to be completed in September 2017.


Industrial Research Assistance Program

NCR-IRAP Understanding the physical and chemistry properties of ColdBlock™ Digestion to develop a 30 channel digestion system and a large sample size digestion system for gold.

The project will inform ColdBlock™ Technologies about the engineering aspects behind short-wave infrared emitters in order to be able to scale up the current 6-channel ColdBlock Digestion system into two new products, a digestion system that can accommodate large sample sizes, and an expanded footprint digestion system of 30 channels. This project was successfully completed as initially proposed December 2016, and an extension was granted to assist with the design and development of the new systems.


 Build in Canada Innovation Program

BCIP Geological Survey of Canada validation of ColdBlock™ Technologies

The evaluation team from the Geological Survey of Canada, led by Dr Simon Jackson and Dr Paul Gammon included geo-chemists, research scientists and laboratory technicians. The team will be testing the unique balance of heating and cooling of the ColdBlock™ digester to validate claims that it delivers very rapid digestion rates (approximately 10 minutes) with excellent recoveries of base metals, precious metals, rare earth elements from diverse mineral matrices. This project was completed March of 2016 and results were presented at PDAC 2016 and 2017. Initial discussion of results can be found here.