1. How do I decide what system is right for my application?
    Each of the systems are unique, with differences in the sample size that can be run and the lamp configuration, among other items. One system may be more appropriate for your needs than another. Please contact our sales department to allow us to help you best determine what will fit for your needs .
  2. How do I order a system?
    You can call or you can click here to have someone from our sales department follow up with you.
  3. What kind of warranty do you have on your systems?
    We offer a 1-year warranty on parts.
  4. What kind of infrastructure (fumehood, power, etc.) is required to use your technology?
    All of our systems require a single phase 240V/30A/60Hz electrical supply and a fume hood or comparable ventilation system. Also required, but something that ColdBlock™ can help to provide is a chiller for the cooling/condenser block.
  5. What size tube do I need?
    The 6- and 12-channel units use 250 mL tubes. The 30-channel units use the 30 mL tubes. All tubes are made of glass.
  6. Where do I order the tubes and bulbs for my ColdBlock™ Digestion System?
    Your unit will come with tubes and bulbs. If you need to order more, you can call or you can click here to have someone from our sales department follow up with you.
  7. Who will install my ColdBlock™ Digestion unit?
    ColdBlock™ Digestion Technology is simple and easy to install. It can be installed by a ColdBlock representative, a distributor representative or the purchaser.
  8. Do you have any client references?
    Certainly. ColdBlock™ Technologies has a variety of very satisfied customers in a variety of different industries and settings. Please contact us and we would be more than happy to provide client references .
  9. Does ColdBlock Technologies service and ship to my country?
    ColdBlock™ serves global markets. Please contact our sales team to learn more.