ColdBlock™ Digestion has revolutionized sample digestion by offering:
  1. Very rapid digestions (10 minutes or less)
  2. Simplified digestion procedure with rapid heating and cooling for enhanced sample throughput
  3. Excellent accuracy and reproducibility
  4. Cost-efficiency
  5. Reduced environmental impact
  6. Improved occupational safety
  7. Broad applicability spectrum across numerous industries
ColdBlock™ Digestion accelerates sample throughput, enhances efficiency and can inform critical operating decisions sooner. ColdBlock™ Digestion is versatile and can be used across a variety of industries, including mining, environmental, food and agriculture, where sample digestion is commonly employed.
The science behind ColdBlock allows us to prepare samples for analysis in a surprisingly short time. Digestions take less than 15 minutes and results are comparable with those from other, usually slower, digestion technologies. Coupled with the elimination of perchloric acid, and the overall reduction in the volume of acids needed, makes ColdBlock a greener and safer technology.
Dr. Ian D. Brindle Professor of Chemistry at Brock University
From our initial evaluation, the ColdBlock digestion technology appears to hold tremendous potential. We were able to replicate ColdBlock’s results on our first attempt and since then have started to evaluate the technology for both partial and total digestions of geological media, the results of which are very encouraging.
Dr. Simon Jackson Research Scientist, Geological Survey of Canada